Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Pesta Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll Secretly Arrive in Jeddah, Arab!

Worldly temptations are now available in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Alcohol, drugs, and sex is now available, but firmly behind closed doors.

Similarly, another leak sound Wikileaks. This information is sent years ago from the United States consulate general in Jeddah. In Saudi Arabia, alcohol is prohibited and opposite sex relationships are strictly regulated.

"Behind a facade of conservatism Wahhabis, underground night life for young people to grow and beat the elite of Jeddah," the report said.

As evidence, the Consul-General Martin Quinn refers to the Halloween party last year. The report then deleted reads: "Together with more than 150 young Saudis (men and women mostly in their 20s and early 30s), ConGenOffs received an invitation to a Halloween party at the residence of the Prince's basement in Jeddah on XXXX XXXX .

"The scene resembles a nightclub anywhere outside the kingdom: alcohol is abundant, young couples dancing, a DJ behind the turntables, and all the people wearing costumes," she said.

The police officer "keeping" this feast for terendus no religious police. "There are thousands of princes in Saudi Arabia present at this party."

The details of the party, Wikileaks cable continued: "They hired a bartender from the Philippines specifically for use sadiqi concocting cocktails, a type of locally-made liquor from a chat .... that sounds, a number of guest workers are women."

The cable goes on to make a line bewah that there are black market liquor expensive - even for a prince. A bottle of Smirnoff vodka sold the equivalent of U.S. $ 400. "In addition, although not seen directly in the party that cocaine, marijuana use is common in social circles and has been seen on another occasion," he added.

Consul General of the interesting conclusions at the end of shipment. "This is a relatively new phenomenon in Jeddah ... It is not uncommon in Jeddah for a luxury private home of his basement used for bars, discotheques, entertainment centers, and clubs."


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